Toddler sized tantrum or apt response?

Viewers of RTE may have witnessed the hangry phenomenon first hand on the hit diet show Transformation Operation this week.

Seán Daly who has lost a whopping 28lb in five weeks stormed off during a heated fire brigade challenge.

He has noted that he has lost the equivalent of a “toddler’ in weight to date.

But did Seán have a toddler sized tantrum as the show might have us believe or was his response warranted?

Well we say, well done Sean. He said: “I don’t deal well with someone screaming in my face”.  Who does?

So hangry or not he didn’t stay in a situation or accept behaviour he was uncomfortable with. So well done to him.

Seán has been amusing us endlessly. His cooking left his own mother and brother less than impressed a few weeks ago.

This week he had three female pals around to try his spaghetti bolognese. We loved watching.

There were no takers when he said:  “Safety first, will anyone check this meat is done?”

But they did brave what looked like spaghetti bolognese when it was finally dished up.

When guests noted there was a lot of “skin” in his dish, including garlic and onion peel we didn’t get food envy.

But the final verdict went to Sean. “Anyway the meal was lovely,” he declared.

If you want to try and cook the same meal – without the peels –  here is the recipe and instructions from the Operation Transformation site.


Overall we think his determination and weight loss success is incredible and his honesty is a joy to watch. No matter what anyone else thinks of his cooking he is sticking to his healthy diet. Seán, Skinny Chips salutes you.








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