Do you remember the first time you thought you were fat?

Did you notice that your waistline steadily increased from then on with only intermittent relief?

Join the club. This website is for you. It’s not about fad diets promising miracles, it’s not about nasty food regimes like the cabbage soup or the egg and grapefruit diets pedalled at people.

It’s about healthy eating. It reports news and opinions surrounding food and diet in Ireland and abroad? It’s for people who realise that the food they eat matters and want to find out more.

It is for people who find themselves trying to lose weight slowly and sensibly – sometimes with the help of a recognised support group like Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

It’s for people who have taken the courage to get on a weighing scales and try with all their heart to lose weight for their own health and often confidence and self esteem.

As for the name of the site? When one woman (well, myself) asked for a baked potato instead of its high fat, hybrid – creamy and buttery mashed potatoes –  she was told there was none on offer.

Much to her amusement and confusion the waiter offered her “skinny chips”as an alternative. If only deep friend chips could help us be skinny…