When people run away from your food but you lose 20 lb #winning

When one dinner guest can’t tell sweet potatoes from carrots you may be in for a a battle to impress.

But when your own mother says your cooking is only “fit for the bin” it may be time to admit defeat.

Not so for Operation Transformation leader Sean Daly from Dublin’s Clondalkin.

He cooked up sweet potato and mango chicken as part of his weight loss regime. While he admitted it may have been a bit “mustardy” he did seem to eat the meal in full.

But his brother Darren could not get out of the house quick enough to avoid Sean’s “adventurous” dish. HIs mother’s reaction to the meal is well worth a watch…….



Sean may not make it to Michelin status but he is winning at his weigh in. The 25 year old screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-16-35-39lost 8.5 lb this week on top of 11 lb the previous week. Yep, nearly 20lbs in two weeks and he insists he is eating his own cuisine.

Sean now weighs 22 st 11.5 lbs / 146 kg insists his weight loss is not happening too quickly.

He said: “I made the decision. I changed and I’m changing forever. I think that’s the difference this time with me.”

The experts gave me the tools. I chose to use them and it’s working.”

There may not be a rush to taste Sean’s new cooking skills if his  mother’s reaction is anything to go by but we are impressed with his incredible weight loss efforts effort.  Keep inspiring, Sean.

Here is the menu for the sweet potato wedges and mango chicken from the Operation Transformation meal menu.

Remember, go easy on the mustard.



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