YES! !!! Scales success

We watched her break down in tears when she missed her target weight loss on last week’s Operation Transformation.

But our favourite chocolatier Maireád Redmond has reason to celebrate this week. She even managed to over achieve.

Reach for the sky

She lost an amazing 5lb this week– which is 2lb more than her target. That means she is now under 16 stone for the first time in a very long time weighing in at 15 stone 10.5lb.

She said: “I wouldn’t have weighed myself for years so I would only be used to seeing 16 stone on the scales so it’s great to finally get below that barrier and its only down from here in the best way possible.”

We reckon it could be down to “smelling” those chocolates instead of tasting them. If only we could all resist that kind of temptation.

Maireád Redmond, Skinny Chips salutes you. All dieters watching salute you. May the scales be ever in your favour!

Fellow Operation Transformation leader Chris McElligot was told to “apply the brakes” to his new training regime.

Chris who is an amputee lost 10.5lbs in his first week. He lost a further 5lb this week. But his huge weight loss is causing discomfort with his prosthesis.

Chris said: “After last week’s weigh-in I’m ten and a half pounds down. I’m extremely delighted with that but on the flip side of that it also brings its own problems.”

He depends on his prosthetic limb for mobility but his weight-loss has also affected the size of his residual limb. As a result his prosthetic leg is not comfortable and he was finding it really uncomfortable to walk.

His leg was loose in the socket but he was determined not to stop his exercising.

Prosthetist at Cappagh Hospital Emma Brannigan said on the show: “It’s important for people who are losing weight to keep coming back to see us to make some adjustments to their socket because when we lose weight it’s easy to change your clothes or go down a size or up a size but with a prosthetic socket it’s made from a hard material with carbon fibre in it and it doesn’t adjust according to your new weight. “

Chris at Cappagh Hospital

Fitness expert Karl Henry said: ““This week I’m going to apply the brakes a little bit. I think you’re doing too much. There’s lots of other stuff creeping in.

“The leg’s really sore, you’re looking a little bit tired but yet you go and do it anyway but the issue with that is that leads to one place – to over training or injury and I want to avoid that. Over the course of the next week I want you to learn the word ‘no’ but the ability and the power of the word ‘no’ will keep you healthier for longer.”


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