Are you sure about that coffee?

Nothing quite like a cup of coffee….. well maybe a glass of champagne.

One of the real benefits of coffee for dieters is you can drink it black – guilt free – without damaging your weight loss target.

But here is a kindly Skinny Chips warning; choose your coffee cleverly. One order in the wrong direction will have you weeping with frustration on the weighing scales.

Gorgeous.. but make sure you count the calories


Did you know a whole milk latte in your favourite cafe could cost you about 180 calories?

Remember women only need 2,000 calories a day and men 2, 500.

Even opting for a skimmed milk alternative will make an unforgiving dent in your daily recommended calories allowance.


The smart crew at have compiled an easy to read guide of the calorie count of some of our favourite coffee order in our favourite take-away locations.

Incidentally a classic hot chocolate with whipped cream at Starbuck will set you back an eye watering 284 calories, according to safefood.

An extract from the guide

If you are following Weight Watchers or Slimming World plans a black coffee is completely free.

If you are on Slimming World here are the syns in some of your favourite caffeine loaded tipples.

Freshly ground instant coffee, Americano or espresso are syn Free. But start counting syns when cream, milk or syrups are added. Here is a syn guide to some of our favourite coffee hits served in medium sized portions.

Cappuccino made with skimmed milk      5

Cappuccino made with whole milk             6

Hot chocolate made with whole milk       19

Latte made with skimmed milk                  4.5

Latte made with whole milk                          8

Mocha made with skimmed milk                11

Mocha made with whole milk                       16.5

For Weight Watchers remember a quarter of a pint of skimmed milk is 2 SmartPoints or 3 SmartPoints for semi skimmed.

Quarter of a pint of whole milk is 4 Smart Points.


Featured image and cappuccino image from Pixabay.





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