When losing 3lb in a week just isn’t enough

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-17-19-09Did you see Operation Transformation leader Mairead Redmond get teary eyed this week?

She lost 3lb after her first week on the RTE show’s diet plan. But her target 4lb weight loss was missed.

As she stood there on TV in lycra shorts and matching belly top her eyes filled with tears.

Fitness guru Karl Henry told her he could not remember any leader missing their target so early in the show before.

Her commitment to the plan was questioned.

She insisted she did put in the effort and tried to be organised. She said she struggled throughout the seven days to keep her energy levels up on the new regime.

Skinny Chips thought 3lb weight loss should be applauded. We were thinking other dieters watching from home must be thanking their lucky stars that their weigh ins are in the privacy of their own homes or in a more sensitive slimming club environment.

But Mairead’s inability to reach the target caused mixed reaction on social media. Some were extremely critical that Mairead had not lost that extra pound.


Others did feel her pain and will be cheering her onto achieve even more in the coming weeks.


What really had Skinny Chips amazed this week was that Mairead lost any weight at all. Did you see what she does for a living? If we were surrounded by the temptations she is faced with in work we think we would have been 3lbs heavier not lighter when facing the scales.

Yep, she’s a chocolatier. Good luck in the future weeks, Mairead. We at Skinny Chips salute you.

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