Dieters versus dancers in RTE showdown

We love a bit of glitz and glamour here at Skinny Chips. Glitter is very much appreciated too. So we are more than looking forward to the Irish version of Strictly Come Dancing on RTE.

You can imagine we were glued to the screen in anticipation when we saw broadcaster Kathryn Thomas in an RTE ad dancing around to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling.

Ms Thomas and her synchronised dance troupe urge the audience to “get moving” in the peculiar dance filled promo.

However, turns out it wasn’t for RTE’s Dancing with the Stars at all.

The ad is for RTE’s annual weight loss show Operation Transformation where optimistic and courageous volunteers encourage the nation to drop weight by following their example.


Dancing with the Stars and Operation Transformation both begin this week.

We will watch Operation Transformation leaders adopt new eating and exercise plans. They will be weighed in weekly in glitter free lycra while an expert panel and the nation watch on.

Of course we’ll also get a chance to see Dr Eva Orsmond who was formally part of that expert panel as one of the 11 celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars this year.

One feature of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is the amount of weight contestants lose while they are in dance training.

Skinny Chips is interested to see who will lose the most weight – the leaders on RTE’s Operation Transformation or the contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

As our own regular readers know Skinny Chips is all about sensible slow weight loss not fad diets. Operation Transformation has been encouraging viewers to adopt a sensible approach to weight loss since it was first aired.

Minister of State for Health Promotion Marcella Corcoran Kennedy is also urging people information and advice available from trusted sources to support them with healthier eating or with getting more active.

“There is an extra focus on healthy living at this time of year, with Operation Transformation back on our TV screens this week, and people making new year’s resolutions to improve their health and wellbeing.

“I would encourage anyone thinking of making a change to use the resources available under Healthy Ireland at and from trusted sources such as the HSE at,, and other partners such as safefood at to get the information and advice that can help them through the challenges.

She said with 60% of the adult population now overweight or obese, it is important that people are helped to make changes that will help them lose weight, improve their wellbeing and reduce their risk of ill health.


Featured image: Pixabay

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