Pub helping punters weight watch.

Efforts to put calories on menus in cafes, restaurants and bars in Ireland are to be saluted.

Women only need about 2,000 calories a day and men need about 2,500 calories each day.

But with so much food eaten outside the home it can be hard to keep track.

You know what ingredients you put into meals you prepare at home. But it’s not always obvious when you are eating out.

Mashed potatoes prepared in a hotel or pub kitchen could be soaked in calorie laden butter, cream or milk.

Food businesses are playing their part in the battle against obesity by posting calorie counts on menus. Clear information can help you make healthier choices.
How many of you

The muffin that would have been eaten without calorie count menus.

since calorie posting began have opted not to buy a muffin or croissant with your morning coffee when you saw the calorie information posted along side it.

Now Skinny Chips was almost delirious with joy, admiration and amazement on a recent visit to the UK when they saw one business going a step further to help dieters.

There amongst a bunch of menus in the Wetherspoon pub,  The Black Horse pub in Birmingham’s Northfield was a menu dedicated for people following the Weight Watchers “ProPoints” diet plan.

So not only did the pub offer meals with calories and allergens clearly listed but it had a special menu for “Weight Watchers’” with ProPoints listed alongside firm favourites.

Now that is customer service and a business spirit clearly supporting people who have opted to join a diet club to lose weight.

A screen shot of the”Points Menu” in Black Horse

If you know of a business in Ireland or that has taken the extra step to help people keep their weight loss plans on track we’d love to hear about it. Let us know.


Feature image and “muffin” image from Pixabay.

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