From couch to 5K for TV diet leader?

She sparked the ire of fans of the RTE diet show Operation Transformation last week when she opted to sit at home eating and watching TV screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-10-56-12instead of going for a walk.

But chocolate maker Maireád Redmond was back this week with trainers firmly on feet.

And Show presenter Kathryn Thomas was at pains to point out that the walk Mairead skipped was organised by her local GAA club and was not part of her official Operation Transformation plan.

This week she was filmed pounding the pavement with her brother James close by for support. We know from the footage that she did go for a run but if she went from “couch to 5k” is a mystery. We didn’t hear how far she ran.

Mairead with her brother

She was pictured eating an apple – yes fruit – in the chocolate shop where she works. An OT leader from last year Lucy Dillon braved the chocolate shop herself to offer some advice to Maireád.

Lucy, who has lost 3stone, said to Maireád: “Being a leader is hard. It’s harder than people can probably imagine. Your whole life is being followed.”


Mairead gets a surprise visit

She added: “For you the biggest thing is definitely preparation, I know that worked for me last year. Plan, plan, plan – I know as boring as it sounds but that’s the only thing that’s going to work.”

 And at the weigh-in, Maireád beat her target of 3lbs and lost 3.5lbs in the week.

She has also lost 2.5″ from her waist.

Fitness guru Karl Henry said: “The true sign of a leader is how they react to adversity, to a bad week. Last week you had one of those bad weeks. You went away determined and focused and delivered over the course of the 7 days and that’s the reason that number has come, not only on the scales but in one week, in week 5, you’ve lost 2.5inches off your waistline which is an amazing result.

“The running is definitely a game changer for you, it suits you, you’re enjoying it and you’re giving it your all which is brilliant.”

So Mairead has now lost a total of 12b. She currently weighs 15 st 6.5 lbs. Her challenge for the next seven days is to lose 2lb. 

 We’re very pleased for Mairead at Skinny Chips but a bit underwhelmed this week. She exceeded her target weight loss so we should be over the moon with joy for her. But we need a bit more convincing that her heart is in it.

We are also wondering if Lucy had a chocolate when she visited the chocolatier? If we worked in a chocolate shop we’d be like:



//“>via GIPHY

Operation Transformation airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8.30pm on RTÉ One. You can follow the OT plan at  Images: RTE

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