Ouch – get off that couch


We’ve been cheering and championing Operation Transformation leader Maireád Redmond to lose weight.

We’ve marvelled at her ability to cut out chocolate – or at least reduce chocolate intake – despite working as a chocolatier.

But the 22 year old has left us very confused at Skinny Chips HQ this week.

We couldn’t quite believe it as we watched her sit at home instead of going out on a walk organized by her community to support her weight loss efforts.

Despite being “too hungry and too tired” to go out on a walk organised for her she did lose half a pound this week. But it was way below the 3 lb target set for her by the RTE hit show’s expert panel. It’s the second time in three weeks she has missed the target.

Social media punters were not happy or impressed.


We don’t want to lose faith in the 22 year old student. We also don’t want to judge her too harshly. She put herself forward as an example for other dieters to follow and we are baffled by her behaviour.

She really does seem to think she is trying her best and insists she is. She seems to be in sort some sort of tragic self denial.

If a person insists they are physically incapable of going for a walk shouldn’t we believe them?

Chris (right) and his wife

Her behaviour is made all the more incredible by the amazing strides amputee Chris McElligot is making.

Chris exceeded his weight-loss target of 2lbs and lost 3lbs this week bringing his total weight-loss to date to 1stone 4.5lbs.

GP Dr Ciara Kelly told Maireád “I don’t think you’re taking advantage of the opportunity you’ve been given to be a leader on Operation Transformation but my greatest disappointment, and I was quite shocked actually, was to see your community organise a walk and you, the leader, didn’t bother to turn up for it.

“Your parents went and did the walk with the community and you stayed home and watched TV and it struck me as showing nothing but indifference to your followers and the community that was supporting you. I’ve never seen a leader do that before. I’ve never seen it.”

But Maireád said: “I was disappointed I missed it but I physically couldn’t go Cira. I was wrecked. I was absolutely exhausted so it’s not like I’ve said ‘sod the community’”

A jubilant Mairead on a community walk.


She insists she’ll be giving the diet 110 per cent this week. We hope she really does succeed in hitting her target.  Skinny Chips has often failed to go to the gym despite taking out membership. We’ve often not gone on a walk in favour of sitting on the couch watching TV.

We’ve failed to meet our weight loss goals in Slimming World or Weight Watchers. We’ve eaten when we shouldn’t have. We’ve abandoned plans and healthy lifestyle goals.

We’ve had a drink during Dry January – oops. But we’ve done none of these things with the nation watching, with community support, with dieters around the country signed up to follow our example and a weekly televised weigh in and specialist support.

Mairead looked radiant and full of joy when she took part in a community walk the previous week. Why she couldn’t get the energy to go out again is really a puzzle.

It would be wonderful if the experts on Operation Transformation could give us some insight into this behaviour and some answers. Instead of shaming Maireád it might be more sensible to try and understand her. We wonder how she feels when she looks back at the footage. We’re behind you Mairead and supporting you and want you to succeed. Come on……



Images: RTE


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