Rosemary makes you live longer

Residents living in a tiny Italian village have got the secret to a long healthy life sussed.

Almost one in ten of the villagers in Accialori are 100 years old or more.

A team of researchers from Rome’s Sapienza University and the San Diego School of Medicine spent six months observing the villagers to try and find out the secret behind the villagers’ longevity.

The secret may be very simple. The scientists believe Italy’s famously healthy Med diet may be playing its part. But the humble garden herb rosemary maybe giving the villagers in Accialori an extra boost.

As well as a high proportion of the coastal residents reaching their 100th birthdays the lives of the villagers are relatively healthy with low levels of conditions linked to ageing like dementia and heart disease.

Dr Alan Maisel , San Diego cardiologist who led the study said there a number of factors that could be behind the extraordinary longevity of the people of Accialori.

But the popular herb Rosemary could be the secret.

Dr Maisel said:  “Is there something in their genes that may, along with something that they do make them live longer and healthy?”

“They eat rosemary almost every day, and they grow it — maybe this does something that helps. We know that rosemary improves brain function.

“They are also all physically active. Whether it is fishing, walking or gardening, everyone does something every day.”

And of course there are obvious additional benefit to eating rosemary if you are watching your weight.

If you on Weight Watchers rosemary is zero SmartPoints and it is completely “Syn” free for Slimming World devotees.

It’s also easy to grow …. no excuses.



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