Iron Age Irish diet unearthed

The Iron Age Irish tucked into a diet of beef, pork, milk and wheat, scientists have revealed.

A team at University College Cork have revealed details of the food grown, cooked and eaten in the southeast of Ireland more than 2,700 years ago.

There’s no mention of calorie laden crisps, take-aways, chocolate or sweet treats that have us hiding from the weighing scales.

But the staples of the Iron Age diet are not too far removed from what we eat today.

The UCC led project unearthed evidence of the food people ate in the southeast of Ireland during the Iron Age.

Dr Katharina Becker, Lecturer, Archaeology, UCC said: “We have identified evidence of settlement, as well as arable and pastoral agriculture, indicating that communities were thriving in the southeast of Ireland.

“The animal bones and seeds recovered from road and gas pipeline excavations provide direct evidence of farming practises and the diet during the Iron Age, dating as far back as 2700 years ago.

“Cattle and pigs provided dairy and meat, barley was a staple, and we also have evidence of a variety of wheats, including spelt, emmer and naked wheat.”


Images: Pixabay




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