Tis the season to be jolly but don’t be a muppet

Skinny Chips is not against a good knees up. In fact we insist.  But when you’re indulging in your favourite tipple or two this festive season remember alcohol is loaded with calories.

The maximum amount of alcohol women should drink a week is 11 standard drinks and 17 for men, according to health chiefs.

A standard drink in not an overflowing glass of wine it’s a more modest a half pint of beer, stout or lager, one small glass of wine or a pub serving of spirits.

If you don’t track how much you drink there is something that will do that for you…yep the weighing scales. The fight against flab does not make allowances for Christmas.

Downing a quarter of a bottle of wine is the equivalent of eating half a bar of chocolate. Even a relative guilt free pub serving of vodka is the equivalent of eating two table spoons of cream.

The clever folks @drinkaware_ie have come up with a free online calculator to help you keep track of your drinking. The free on-line tool lets you tot up the diet damage a night on the tiles will cost you in calories and cash here .

And for regular Weight Watchers or Slimming World Fans we’ve included a handy guide to the SmartPoints or Syns in your festive flute below.

But first we’ve got some “advice” for you on alcohol that the team at Skinny Chips found on Youtube.


Weight Watchers Smart Points

Beer – 1 pint –                 7

Brandy , 35.5 ml                     3

Champagne flute , 125 mls  4

Gin , 35.5ml                                   3

Lager, pint                                5

Vodka, 35.5                              3

Wine, red  175 ml        4

Wine, white, 175 ml    5

Slimming World          Syns

Beer, pint                       8

Brandy, 35ml                   4

Champagne, 125ml       4.5

Gin, 35ml                           4

Lager, pint                         11.5

Vodka, 35ml                        4

Wine red, 175ml                 6

Wine white, 175ml            6.5




Feature image: Pixabay



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