Olympic rowers give egg…cellent advice

Brothers Paul and Gary O’Donovan are encouraging people to choose eggs as fuel for busy lives.
The Olympic heroes have teamed up with Emily Bradshaw from pop-up café “Cracked” to launch Bord Bia’s Quality Assured Eggs Campaign.
They are reminding people in this video that eggs are naturally high in protein and easy to cook. Eggs can help everyone – not only elite athletes – to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Bord Bia advises that eggs are a nutritious concentrated source of good quality protein with a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition guidelines recommend that a healthy individual can have up to seven eggs a week. People on a cholesterol lowering diet can have four to six eggs a week, according to the food board.

There is good news for dieters too. A medium egg, boiled, poached or friend in low cal spray is 2 SmartPoints for Weight Watchers’ members.
Eggs can be enjoyed boiled, coddled, poached, scrambled or fried using low cal spray as a “free food” for people following Slimming World’s weight loss plan.

Images and video: Bord Bia.

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