But did you enjoy yourself?

We’ve a confession to make. We’ve been slacking. We’ve taken our eye off the target weight goal. We hadn’t been to a slimming club class in four months. But we’ve faced the music and the result is clear – an 8lb increase. That’s 2lbs for every month’s absence.


After the weigh in the consultant uttered the dreaded question: “But did you enjoy yourself?”And the flashbacks began.There was a wedding, a Holy Communion,  a weekend a way in a culinary capital, fish and chips by the sea, an indulgent Easter, a few cheese boards and the discovery of a fabulous but eye wateringly expensive fig jam.



So yep, we enjoyed ourselves and the evidence is very clear for all to see. No amount of tip toeing on a weighing scales can hide it. Of all the high fat treats consumed the biggest damage, we suspect was alcohol. At least it didn’t help matters.  For the unacquainted on Slimming World you are allowed five to 15 “syns” a day. A large glass of red wine (250ml) glass is 11.5 syns.


So two glasses on a day out and you are over the Slimming World limit.A pint of draught Kronenbourg is 10 Syns per pint and  a 125ml glass of champagne is 5 Syns. A 35 ml gin with diet tonic is 4 syns. On top of the food we like to enjoy that is simply too much.


So we are staying off the booze for a while, at least until the first week weigh of our return to slimming class is over. That’s a  whole Bank Holiday Weekend of sobriety ahead. Wish us luck.


Images: Pixabay

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