Easter chocolate? Don’t look away. Get the facts.

There are calls to boycott Cadbury and Nestle products after the word Easter was dropped from chocolate egg packaging this year.

We wish Cadbury’s and Nestle would work as hard at removing calories from their products.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 08.43.35

Try as we might we just can’t seem to resist a Cadbury’s Crème Egg or any chocolate in any form it seems at Easter. (or if we are really honest, any time of the year)

Give us a choice of a beautiful guilt and syn free bowl of fruit or a bar of chocolate – well we’d have both. That’s probably where this whole weight issue began in the first place.


So as we approach Easter, it’s worth remembering just how many SmartPoints and Syns are in our chocolate treats.

The reminder might make it easier to walk past your kids, nephews or nieces, parents, sisters or brothers Easter egg.


We will be doing our best not to undo all the good weight loss work we have done with an Easter chocolate binge.

Nestle and Cadbury’s are insisting they did not make any deliberate decision to drop the word Easter from packaging.  Skinny Chips however is deliberating printing some useful reminders on the toll chocolate could take on your weigh-in next week.

For Weight Watchers members there are 4 SmartPoints in any two squares of chocolcates (14g) and 12 SmartPoints in any bar 45g of chocolate. As it’s Easter there 9 SmartPoints in a Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

For Slimming World members here is a breakdown of Syns in some of our favourite treats


One after dinner mint     3

Mars Bar  51g                   11.5

Curly Wurly  26g                6

Aero               40g               11

Crunchie        40g              9.5

Cadbury Crème egg           9

Cadbury dairy milk 45g      12

Cadbury Freddo   18g         5

Fry’s Turkish Delight  51g   10Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 08.40.03

Galaxy Milk Chocolate         11.5

Rolos   52g tube                     12.5

Walnut Whip                            8.5

Yorkie original, 46g               12.5

M&Ms  choc 45g              11

M&M peanuts 45g           11.5

Oh and have a wonderful Easter with or without chocolate.

Images: Pixabay

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