Anyone else missing Operation Transformation leaders?

They were in our lives for eight weeks. We watched them religiously changing their food and exercise habits. They lost almost ten stone collectively over the duration of the Operation Transformation TV series.

We laughed, we cried and we sometimes sighed along with Chris McElligott, Marie Grace, Maireád Redmond, Seán Daly and Yvonne Keenan-Ross throughout their weight loss journeys.

We at Skinny Chips loved one leader in particular; Seán Daly. The 25 year old Dubliner started the year weighing 24st 3lb. Then he managed to lose 2st 11 lb before our eyes. Plus he quit cigarettes at the same time.

Jubilant Seán at end of Operation Transformation series 2017.

But now we miss him from our TV screens. We are wondering if he is continuing to lose weight? Is he still cooking healthy meals for his family and friends whether they like it or not? Is he still putting his work colleagues through his newly adopted exercise regime.

One highlight for us was watching a joyous Seán finally fit into a pair of trousers he’d bought before hitting the town. What dieter hasn’t felt the joy and sense of achievement at being able to fasten a zip on jeans they’d outgrown or could never fit into before?

So if we are missing Seán Daly from our lives we are wondering if you are too? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Operation Transformation returned to our screens next year with Seán as a presenter? Don’t get us wrong. We are not suggesting for one minute that Kathryn Thomas is replaced. What we are strongly suggesting that there is room alongside stick thin Kathryn for Sean as a co-presenter.

He knows and understands the true sacrifices and struggles dieters make on the road to waistline recovery. We hope Seán will continue to watch his weight plummet and be back with an even bigger bounce in his step to encourage a new cast of “leaders” in 2018.


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