Diet regime turns Sean into “The Hoff”

There’s something about Seán Daly. He’s been entertaining viewers of the hit TV diet show Operation Transformation since it began this season.

He’s made us laugh, made up cry and made his pals eat his home cooked food.screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-16-39-07

Now the the 25 year old has done the unthinkable and gone all Baywatch on us. With two stone 5lb gone from his 6ft 1″ frame he can already picture himself in tiny red shorts.

His Hoff fantasy dawned as he fearlessly pulled a truck attached to him with a rope during a Fire Brigade Challenge.

Seán said: “There’s no better feeling than pulling a truck behind you walking. I felt real manly. All I needed was a little red shorts and the Baywatch music in the background”


Joking aside Skinny Chips may need a visit from the show’s expert psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy to explain our own reaction to Sean’s weight loss.

We got emotional this week looking at Seán during the show and we’re not quite sure why.  Yep, we welled up watching him ooze self satisfaction and pride at his achievements.

screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-16-35-39He has been a dedicated and remarkable leader and has quit smoking while adopting his new diet and exercise regime.

For those of us who struggle with sticking to a healthy diet Seán is truly inspirational. We’ve watched him yearn for the “chipper” and resist. We’ve watch him struggle in the kitchen but persist.

We’ve watched him bravely step on the scales that first week in lycra weighing 24st 3lbs. This week we say him try to carry around two stone in spuds – showing the enormity of the weight he lost and no longer has to carry.

Even if he isn’t The Hoff he is our hero.

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