Nifty guide to avoid leftover turkey blues

The clever people at Safefood have published a nifty guide to help you pick the perfect turkey this Christmas.

The turkey calculator clearly shows how many people your turkey will feed based on its weight.

So if you don’t want to face turkey sandwiches  for days after your Christmas dinner it’s mandatory reading.

For example a 7 to 8 lb turkey will feed up to 15 people. It also provides helpful tips on how to stuff your turkey, how to check it is cooked properly and what to do with leftovers.


Safefood has gone a step further and drafted in chef Neven Maguire to give us tips on the best way to buy and store your turkey.

And if you are unsure on how to defrost a frozen turkey safely they have that covered too.

  • Place the turkey on a dish, tray or large platter on the bottom of your fridge.
  • Allow 24 hours for every 4-5lbs/1.8-2.2kg.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. It can take up to three days to full defrost a 15lb/7.5kg turkey.

Once a turkey has been completely defrosted it cooks the same was as a fresh turkey. Enjoy it – turkey is low fat.





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