Christmas shopping snack attacks

Dieters be careful. If you are Christmas shopping this weekend you are bound to need a snack break at some point.

Crisp sandwiches at only €3 each had Skinny Chips salivating outside one shop window.

All of that white buttered bread with crisps packed inside (salt and vinegar please) would no doubt keep you going for a few more retail rounds.

Or you may be tempted to pop into McDonalds or Burger King for a fast food fix. By the time you get home, arms packed with presents,  you might even forget that lunch time snack happened.

But rest assured your body won’t and a fast food splurge may put a dent in your weight loss results this week. If you choose wisely you may get away with it.

So here is a helpful guide to the Slimming World Syns or the Smart Points in those lovely fast-food favourites.

Weight Watchers (Smart Points)                                          Slimming World Syns

McDonalds                                                                                  McDonalds

Big Mac                                         17                                                             25.5

Cheeseburger                               10                                                              15

Hamburger                                      8                                                           12.5

Quarter pounder with cheese     17                                                             26

Chicken McNuggets (6 pieces)      7                                                            8.5

McChicken sandwich                     11                                                           19.5

Filet o fish                                        10                                                          16.5

French fries large                            13                                                         16.5

French fries medium                      10                                                          11.5

French fries small                              7                                                            8

Garden side salad                             1                                                         FREE



Weights Watchers  Smart Points                                Slimming World     Syns

Burger King                                                                        Burger King    

Angus Burger                                   18                                                                         29

Cheeseburger                                  10                                                                         15

Chicken Royale burger                   17                                                                       28.5

Fries small                                           7                                                                    7.5

Medium                                                 9                                                                   9

Large                                                         13                                                               13

Whopper standard                                    20                                                            30.5

There’s no reason not to have a “crispmas sandwich” either – but keep track of what you eat.

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